GoEngineer at the FanXperience Comic-Con Event

by Kevin Quach

This year, GoEngineer attended yet ANOTHER record breaking Comic-Con event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Comic-Con did a special FanXperience event for people suffering from what I would call ‘Comic-Con Blues’ from the previous event back in September 2013. It’s a good thing they decided to open up all the exhibit halls this time around because there were over 100,000 attendees.

The last time that I shared my awesome experience from this event I talked about showing and educating people about 3D printing. This time, I did more listening. I particularly enjoyed hearing kids and teenagers, who have acquired their own hobbyist 3D printers, talk about some of the cool things they’re making at home. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing technology extend its reach into a younger age group that will allow it to expand and grow to a new level. Furthermore, it was great to see so many attendees bring their friends or children over to our booth and listen to them explain what 3D printing is.

Jason Lively“OH man, I love your machines, I have one myself but I can’t wait to get a printer like yours!” said a young Doctor Who cosplayer.   I asked him how old he was, “I’m 10, so it’ll be a while before I can get something like this, but my dad got me a printer last year.”

Seriously? The kid is 10 years old! I was barely learning how to do simple division at that age. I was blown away and happy to see how 3D design is no longer limited to just teens and adults, but has extended to children too.

For the three days during this event, we had the chance to speak with people from varying backgrounds, age groups, and even had some great cosplayers stop by for photos at our booth. I got a nice surprise when Jason Lively, and the crew from Creature Creators stopped by our booth to see what we had going on.

GoEngineer attends and co-sponsors quite a few shows a year. For me, Comic-Con is one that I especially enjoy due to the enthusiasm and energy that the crowd brings. Here’s a few pictures I got to snap of people who stopped by our booth.   Now I’m counting down the days until the actual Comic-Con event in September.

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