GoEngineer’s Technical Support FAQ Series: SOLIDWORKS License Support

by Jacob Bakovsky

SOLIDWORKS License Support

The GoEngineer Technical Support team is at it again!  Last week, we covered the top 3 SOLIDWORKS Licensing questions that our Technical Support team received in this post. Let’s now dive into SOLIDWORKS license support.

Does My SolidNetWork License Support Previous Versions?

Yes – How cool is that? SOLIDWORKS also supports parallel installations so that users can use the same Network serial number to access any year version up to the version they are currently subscribed to.  Check out this article to learn more about parallel installations, including the following topics:

  • Just what are “Parallel Installations” and why are they used?
  • What is the benefit of setting up “Parallel Installations”?
  • Exactly what needs to be done?

Does SOLIDWORKS Support Virtualization?

The licensing is supported for these specific environments as shown in the table below:


However, for certified hardware, see here.

Choose “Virtual Desktop” from the first pull down – the list displayed are the VM environments which are tested\certified for SolidWorks.

We hope you found this FAQ from the GoEngineer Technical Support team helpful. Tune in next week for more!

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