GoEngineer’s Technical Support FAQ Series: SolidNetwork License Manager Install Options & Service Packs

by Matthew Francis

The GoEngineer Technical Support FAQ series continues!  Let’s dive in and talk about where you can find media for your SolidNetwork License Manager. We will also touch on Service Pack information.

Where do I find SolidNetwork License Manager installation media?

There are three main options when looking for installation media for the SolidNetwork License Manager.

  1.  The first option is the SolidNetwork License Manager installation media located on the  SOLIDWORKS Install CD/ memory stick.
  2. Second, you can download the installation media from the SOLIDWORKS website which includes the SolidNetwork License Manager.
  3. Contact GoEngineer! We have our own set of download files which include the SolidNetwork License Manager.

Visit the SOLIDWORKS download page for more information.

How do the service pack releases work?

SOLIDWORKS releases Service Packs that include updates and bug fixes. Users will be notified about new Service Packs by the SOLIDWORKS Background Downloader or on the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab under Technical Alerts and News section. A customer can also sign into the SOLIDWORKS customer portal to see what the latest service pack release is.

How often do service packs get released?

For each addition of SOLIDWORKS, there are six service packs released. Starting with SOLIDWORKS 20XX SP0.0 and going to SOLIDWORKS 20XX SP5.0. Service Packs are released about every 2-3 months.

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