Need a better basket design, no problem!  Design and print your own.

by Jeff Parker

Basket Problems

Recently, we were refurbishing an old tank to work with the new soluble support and noticed a problem.  The basket that came with the tank was attached to a lid and was open on the side. What’s the big deal you ask? The problem is that when we pull the basket up or put it in the tank, parts would fall out! This was a problem worth solving!

New project, why not?

We designed a basket that could be 3D printed and had the ability to be replaced as needed. It was simple to assemble did not require hardware.  Check out the design we came up with.





BasketIn the exploded view above, you see that our design is made up of 5 flat parts. We didn’t have the need for support material to print the parts and no need for hardware to connect them.

Here are some images of the half-size prototype and full production versions.


½ Scale Prototype


Full-Scale Production

We hope you enjoyed this quick story on how SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys saved the day.

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