3D Printing a Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder

by Benjamin Modic


Kitchen Hack Using 3D Printing to Create a Sponge Holder

What do you do with your sponge after you’re done cleaning dishes? My guess is that it ends up at the bottom of your sink and never properly dries. What happens next?  That sponge gets smelly – I know that you know the smell I’m talking about. Ewww!

This scenario is the reason for my next project.  I decided to make my own sponge holder to allow for proper drying and to keep it off of the bottom of the sink. Sure I could just buy a pre-made product but I have the mentality of ‘anything you can do I can do better.  Since I have the proper resources, why not?

Let’s start with the basics

I started by ordering some suction cups. Once they came in,  I knew the dimensions and could then start designing. I thought having two suction cups would allow the holder to be more stable, no budget restraints here!

My first idea was to print the holder as one piece. The result was a part that took 15 minutes to design, but more than 3 hours to print. It simply required too much support material! This does not include the time needed to clean the part after it is complete

My second idea was to break it into two pieces that would work together. This allowed the print time to be cut in half, 1.5 hours! I simply took my previous design and added a pivot and stop. This also acts as a fold away feature if you are not using a sponge at the time. The major benefit of this design which had been optimized for the printer is that the part was ready to go after it was complete, no cleaning necessary.

The end result is simplistic and easy to use. A bonus is that it adds a level of 3D printed awesomeness to the kitchen! Here are some images from colleagues in the office.


Interested in printing this for yourself? Submit your info and we’ll get a file over to you.

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