The Aerospace & Defense Forum – Leading and Managing Change

by Devon Phillipson

Aerospace & Defense Forum

How can we as professionals in our region and industry sustain a healthy Aerospace and Defense economy? With rapidly evolving manufacturing techniques, globalization, reduced budgets, and additional competition; the status quo is threatened. The key is learning how other successful companies in your industry do it, know what resources are available to help and connecting those dots with the right network.

Aerospace & Defense Industry Leader

If you’re an executive, and your company is involved with the Aerospace and Defense markets, you are poised to add a great deal of value and gain a significant return by participating in local groups whose mission is to promote a healthy American A&D industry.  Enter the A&D Forum.  This is a group for A&D executives with a stated mission to promote communication, collaboration, and commerce among A&D industry leaders.

Forum Meetings

With past presentations, this year from the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development from the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office on “Government Supports for A&D Exporting and Manufacturing” to “The Challenges for Small Companies in Doing Business with Big Companies” presented by the Senior Manager of Procurement at Orbital ATK. The San Fernando Valley Chapter of the A&D Forum, is certainly fulfilling its stated mission.  It is the responsibility of executives in the A&D sector to maintain a healthy local corporate ecosystem.

For all the reasons listed about, I hope to see you at our next SFV Chapter of the A&D Forum’s meeting “Leading and Managing Change” to be presented by Shawn Webb, Director of Operations at Aerovironment.  Be sure to register and attend the next meeting.

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Devon Phillipson

About Devon Phillipson

Devon Phillipson is a Stratasys Account Manager with GoEngineer, who has dedicated the pursuit of his career to improving the manufacturing processes for the client he works with. His passion for technology, manufacturing, and people have inspired the adoption and rapid acceptance of 3D printing as an indispensable tool that helps his client iterate faster, produce better products, have happier employees, and overcome challenges in an ever evolving global market. Devon has studied CNC Machining, 3D Printing, and all things SolidWorks. His vision for the future is a harmonious relationship between manufacturer, technology, and customer that leads to better experiences for people who can communicate and design freely to produce a more connected world.

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