Fish Finder Mount: Created in SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing using Stratasys Technology

by Kregg Egan

Mounting a Fish Finder

While out on a boat I realized I needed to find a way to mount my fish finder to my float tube. I needed something sturdy for taking on waves or being bumped while on the water. First I did some research online to see what other designs have been created. After browsing several photos and videos, I realized that there wasn’t a single design that would work for what I was trying to accomplish. I did, however, end up with an idea that was a cross between two that I saw. Not only did I need a mount, but also a way to secure the mount to the float tube and not worry about it falling off. With it being a float tube I had to be creative on how to attach it since screws or anchors weren’t an option. I ended up using a strap design.

Design and Print to Perfection

In the photo above, you can see two openings for the strap to go through and hold it tight to the tube. It’s a very secure fit so I didn’t have to worry about it falling off or coming undone. The other challenge was going to be that the float tube isn’t a flat surface so I needed to figure out the amount of curvature it has so to allow the mount to sit flush. To do that, I designed a small curved piece and 3D Printed it. It was time to take it home and measured it to my float tube. I noticed I had a close fit but not perfect. I made the piece thin enough so that I could bend it and hold a measuring tape in the center. This allowed me to see how much more bend to apply to the model. After getting the measurement, I applied it to the model and reprinted the piece.

This shows how perfect the alignment was when using the small measuring piece with the measuring tape. It was important to match the curvature just right so that there weren’t any pressure points. If there were, it would be possible to pinch the tube and create a hole.

This is what it looks like while in use. It is extremely rugged and has proven itself with several uses already!

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