3D Christmas Cookie Designs to WOW Your Friends!

by Brian Johnson

Holiday Traditions & 3D Christmas

Not just Santa loves Christmas cookies. In my family, like many, I suspect, one of our traditions is making cookies and candies for the holiday season.

The Shapes

This year I wanted to kick it up a notch. No more boring outlines from the metal shapes that have been around for decades. I checked out Thingiverse.com and found that a user named OogiMe has some great Christmas-themed cutters uploaded.

First I download the nine shapes I wanted to use. I then nested the .stl files on the tray so I could print the entire set at once on our Stratasys Fortus 250.

The Dough & Baking

Next came preparing the dough and rolling it out into a sheet. Through much trial and error, I determined the best method is to dip the cutters in flour before pressing them into the dough.

Through more trial and error I determined that refrigerating the dough before rolling and cutting helps the cookies retain more of their shape during the baking process.

The Decoration

I must mention that I am an applications engineer, not a cookie decorator. In the previous steps, I learned from physical steps that I could improve on. Decoration, however, is pure skill developed over time—as the photo shows.

Merry Christmas!




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About Brian Johnson

Brian is an Application Engineer for GoEngineer and has been a SOLIDWORKS user since 1999. The first half of his career was in the automotive and RV industries covering a wide spectrum of manufacturing processes and design from plastic injection, sheet metal, roll forming. He also spent a couple of years as a CNC programmer on precision routers, punch presses and lasers. The latter half of his career was in the oilfield technology as an equipment designer and CAD/PLM administrator. Brian is very dedicated to simplification and learning day to day operations. He is familiar with Lean Six Sigma and knowledgeable of both ASME welding and GD&T standards.

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