Making Magic with SOLIDWORKS and GoEngineer

by Jessica Skorut

SOLIDWORKSIn January 1996 product design consultant Hugo Haselhuhn began using the first release of SOLIDWORKS 95; he transitioned his Honeywell engineering team from 2D AutoCAD to 3D solid modeling. For the last eleven years, Haselhuhn has been working as Haselhuhn Design Inc and using GoEngineer for all things SOLIDWORKS.

In addition to being a creative engineer and designer, Haselhuhn is a published author, along with his grandson, of the Lucas Lightfoot books for middle-grade readers. The books teach positive moral lessons through a magical chameleon named Prescott, who gives his young protégé, Lucas Lightfoot, a power ring.

The Power Ring

The power ring appears to have magical powers—or perhaps the powers are just science we do not understand. With his power ring, Lucas can become invisible, stop time, and use telekinesis and mental telepathy and other fantastic powers.

Brad Hansen, CEO of GoEngineer, has 2 daughters who love the Lucas Lightfoot books. When Haselhuhn conducted a local Lucas Lightfoot book signing in Salt Lake City, Hansen made a point to attend.

He offered to have GoEngineer 3D print models of the power rings from the book. Hansen was surprised to discover that Haselhuhn had already modeled power rings in SOLIDWORKS. Haselhuhn loved the idea of getting his rings 3D printed.

The challenge for William Huertas, applications engineer at GoEngineer, was to maintain the integrity and intent of the ring design. The most challenging part, however, was ensuring the rings had the right amount of clearance so the 3D ring parts could independently rotate while locked together, as described in the book.

The set of rings took 1 hr 10mins to print. Huertas used SOLIDWORKS to create multiple parts for each power ring so each body had the color described in the book. This also allowed the GrabCAD print software to import the colors correctly. He relied on the Stratasys j750 3D printer because its material options matched the power ring design.

To most of the world, 3D printing really does look like magic. Thanks to the magic of Haselhuhn and his grandson, SOLIDWORKS, and GoEngineer, Lucas Lightfoot book signings and school presentations are enhanced with 3D power rings that the kids can see and touch with their own hands.

To find out more about the Lucas Lightfoot books, to see the Power Rings in 3D, go to To find out more about the school presentations, go to or send an email to



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