3D Printed Jetpack for an Out of this World Halloween Costume

by Francisco Guzman

I want to be an Astronaut.

For Halloween this year, my 3-year-old daughter surprised me with wanting to be an astronaut.  On her own, she started learning about the planets, their special characteristics and how many moons they have.  She even corrected me! I said that Superman is from the planet Krypton. Her response was, “Dad, Krypton is not a real planet, it’s a pretend planet.”  I had to excuse myself on that one!

Shortly after that conversation, and while in proud-dad mode, I gathered a box and glue to make her a jetpack for her astronaut costume. I went to a nearby convenience store to buy some soda pop to use the bottles as the jets. Before paying for the soda pop, I remembered that I had the option to 3D print her jetpack!  It would be easier for me as I have a fleet of Stratasys 3D printer at my disposal. After all, I always want to do my best to nurture her interest in the STEM fields.

Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS

A couple simple revolve features in SOLIDWORKS, a Boss Extrude, some Cuts, a Mirror, and Many Filets later, my model was quickly ready to be printed.

I wish I would have recorded her reaction when she saw the jetpack finished. Priceless. It is amazing to live in an age where easy to use design applications like SOLIDWORKS and manufacturing technology like Stratasys Printers, enables us to think of an object, then hold that in your hand shortly after.

If you see a kid knocking at your door trick or treating and flies her jet pack by running with one fist in the air making swooshhhh sounds, that may be my kid! Say hi, just don’t call her a cute little princess. She may respond to you as she did with me: “I am not a princes, I am an astronaut!”

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