GoEngineer Customer Party at SOLIDWORKS World. Let’s talk about boots!

by Tony Riggs

SOLIDWORKS World + GoEngineer Customer Party

Do you plan to be at SOLIDWORKS World in Dallas this year? Have you had a chance to sign up to attend the GoEngineer Customer Party!?!?  This year, our appreciation event will be hosted at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas. We always have a fun time visiting with you all while enjoying cocktails, appetizers, and stories. Come and have a great time!

Each year we try to come up with an interesting giveaway for those who attend and we’ve had some interesting items over the years. So this year, we put our heads together to think of what we should do. Something TEXAS! Something Dallas! Nothing screams those two things more than cowboy boots! (I don’t actually have any proof of that, but it sounds good).

Brainstorming and Boots

Next, we brainstormed ideas for a cowboy boot theme. Don’t get too crazy as you’re thinking of your own ideas. Everyone doesn’t get their own personalized, handmade, custom pair of boots. We only have enough money for one boot!  We thought of all kinds of things that could be boot-shaped, but we didn’t want it to end up at the bottom of your desk drawer after you returned from SOLIDWORKS World. So we decided upon some boot shaped USB drives. Who can’t use another USB drive! Maybe this one will be a little more special than a normal one. I do have to admit that I just counted 7 other USB drives in my desk drawer (plus a few more in my laptop bag).

I looked around the internet for some images to base the design upon and found a few that I liked. I started with a few sketch pictures and then began developing the different surfaces for the boot.

A few boundary surface, surface loft and surface fills later…. We have the main body of the boot!

I was able to take apart one of the flash drives and model up the internal circuit board so we could make sure that everything would fit.

Fancy it Up and Print!

We wanted to “fancy it up a bit” (imagine hearing that in a nice Texas accent), so we personalized it on the sole and added some stitching on the side.

Now it is off to the Stratasys J750 in the Houston office! We knew the cowboy boot should be black, so the stitching and lettering should probably be white. We decided to make part of the heel clear so you could tell when the USB was in use.

Next, we printed a few test pieces to verify the design, then we were off to the races (or would it be the rodeo)!

Our goal was to create 250 of these to be sure to have enough for everyone that shows up. So, be sure to get there early to make sure you get one!

We cleaned them up and dried them off….

We even had a Texas-sized assembly party to put them all together!


Finally, we put some special files on each flash drive. Be sure to take a look at what is there! Hopefully, you won’t ever have a problem remembering where you got this flash drive and you will remember that GoEngineer really does appreciate our customers!

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About Tony Riggs

Hey, my name is Tony Riggs. I grew up just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Tulsa where I received a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I worked for five years at Flight Safety International (current customer with 40+ SW licenses). We designed and built flight simulators for commercial and private jets. I moved to Texas in 2000 and got married. I called up our SOLIDWORKS reseller and asked if they knew of anyone needing someone with SOLIDWORKS experience and I started there the next week. I began working with Stratasys machines in 2003. I had some experience with a few laser scanners and milling machines. I enjoy working on SOLIDWORKS Beta testing, but have different levels of success based on what else it going on that year.

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