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About Francisco Guzman

Francisco Guzman is the PDM Technical Support Lead at GoEngineer, and is pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Utah. In addition to providing guidance and support to SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM customers, Francisco also provides support for DriveWorks design automation. He won the world-wide DriveWorks reseller CPD contest as the best DriveWorks AE for 2015. For fun, he designs, 3D-Prints, builds and races custom first-person-view (FPV) racing drone frames.

VPN Considerations for IT, Administrators, and Users

by Francisco Guzman

solidworks pdm vpn considerations

Since the COVID-19 “stay at home” directives, there has been an influx of SOLIDWORKS PDM questions concerning inability to connect PDM servers through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This article offers some considerations to take when working from home using VPN connections.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Backup Awareness

by Francisco Guzman

PDM Backup Awareness

Let’s look at SOLIDWORKS PDM Backup Awareness. The issue is very real – more so if you think this will never happen to your organization.

3D Printed Jetpack for an Out of this World Halloween Costume

by Francisco Guzman

3D Printed Jetpack

Halloween is a great time to foster STEM concepts — this is especially true for Francisco Guzman. When his 3-year-old daughter, decided she was going to be an astronaut for halloween, he designed and 3D Printed a jetpack to complete her look. Check it out!

Drone Racing Meets 3D Printing

by Francisco Guzman

3D Printing a Drone

Drone enthusiast Francisco Guzman creates his very first drone using SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys 3D printing. Learn how in this blog post.

Included In Your SOLIDWORKS; DriveWorksXpress

by Francisco Guzman

DriveWorksXpress is the easy to use design automation tool that is included in every new seat of SOLIDWORKS. It can be used to automate designs that are “the same but different”. DriveWorksXpress saves time by reducing repetitive tasks and minimizing

Automated Cache Management

by Francisco Guzman

I enjoy hearing about new approaches to automate repetitive tasks and facilitate daily processes. When I first heard about Enterprise PDM’s new option to automate caching behavior for Enterprise PDM 2014, I immediately thought about sharing this new useful functionality.

SOLIDWORKS Explorer in Windows Explorer

by Francisco Guzman

SOLIDWORKS provides a great file management tool for SOLIDWORKS files called SOLIDWORKS Explorer. SOLIDWORKS Explorer can be used to copy, rename, replace and move SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings while maintaining file references. The best part of this great tool is that

GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks! by Francisco Guzman

GoEngineer Supports DriveWorks!

My name is Francisco Guzman and I support DriveWorks here at GoEngineer. I came from an industry where DriveWorks is used to automate repetitive tasks and free up time for engineers to focus on what matters most,

Best Practices to Avoid Losing Work in Enterprise PDM

by Francisco Guzman

In an effort to educate and or remind ourselves of the best practice usage and the clearing of misunderstandings with Enterprise PDM, the article “SolidWorks Enterprise PDM – Best Practices to Avoid Losing Work “ provides advice to avoid loss of work based from commonly received support inquiries.