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About Tyler Reid

Tyler is the Manufacturing Application Manager at GoEngineer and a SOLIDWORKS Certified Expert. Having earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah, Tyler worked in the medical industry for several years as a SOLIDWORKS user before joining GoEngineer in 2010. His interests lie in machine tools, manufacturing methods, and witnessing these interests while visiting customer’s facilities.

Do You Print in Metal?

by Tyler Reid

Desktop Metal

GoEngineer is proudly partnering with Desktop Metal to offer their full lineup of machines. Learn more and be sure to pre-order yours today.

What Happens When Engineers Grow Up?

by Tyler Reid

From Drones to RC Cars the 3D Printing Spring Roadshow is here. Read more about what to expect and how to attend a show near you.

Stratasys J750: Unprecedented Plastic 3D Printing

by Tyler Reid

Announced yesterday, the new Stratasys J750 truly is a breakthrough in 3D printing technology. It represents a leap forward on all fronts – realism, versatility, capability, and efficiency. The world’s only full color multi-material printer is game changing.

3D Printing for Happier Holidays: Christmas Edition

by Tyler Reid

This year, 3D printing did make our holiday happier. I suspect it will do the same next year; and just about every day in between – that’s just the type of technology it is. 3D printing is accessible and empowering – the kids were inspired and began brainstorming what they might build next.

That’s a Wrap; Summer Roadshows, 3D Printing and DIY Drones

by Tyler Reid

Summer is officially over, and with its end comes the conclusion of our 2015 3D Printing Summer Roadshows. We traveled to 13 cities across 7 states to share the process of designing, 3d printing, and manufacturing our own personal drone.

3DP & DIY Drones: Our Summer Roadshow

by Tyler Reid

From a design and manufacturing perspective, a drone is a perfect platform to demonstrate the importance and utility of 3D printing in today’s product development workflow. Our Summer Roadshow is a glimpse into this 3DP-enabled workflow. From start to finish, this project has been completed in our offices . We did it, and so can you!

New Material Options from Stratasys

by Tyler Reid

Stratasys improved on the popular ASA and Endur materials by introducing several new variations of each. Read more about these changes in the latest GoEngineer blog post.

SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – Kickoff

by Tyler Reid

Tiger’s meltdown, Super Bowl XLIX, and now SOLIDWORKS World 2015.

It’s never been busier in Phoenix, and the fun isn’t over yet as the 17th annual SOLIDWORKS World conference comes to town February 8-11, 2015.

With an expected attendance of 4500 users and over 200 training and hands-on sessions scheduled, this is the premier networking and learning event of the year for SOLIDWORKS diehards. It’s a time to reconnect with faraway friends, commiserate with strangers, and gawk at the latest tech in the exhibit hall.

GoEngineer is proud to be sending six of our own SOLIDWORKS experts to present on the topics of simulation, costing, configurations, and electrical. If you’re fortunate enough to be attending, be sure to say hi at the sessions below!