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Why Won’t my Wires Route in SOLIDWORKS Electrical (Part 1)

by Cheri Guntzviller

If you have ever tried routing wires in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, then you know how awesome they look when complete – but it can sometimes be a challenge getting there. In this SOLIDWORKS Electrical tutorial, I’ll share a few items to keep in mind when routing wires that will make the task easier.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automation – Propagation

by John Lieber

The PROPAGATE command is another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical will not only increase your productivity but does so in a way that we can also ensure accuracy. Learn more.

Electrical Symbols Library for your Schematic drawings

by Sandy Ortez

Electrical Symbol Library

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbols Library

Take advantage of the complete SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbols library. This library contains industry standard symbols allowing for quick schematic creation. A perfect reference guide for electrical design professionals. With this Free Download, you can accelerate your electrical schematic

SOLIDWORKS PCB & PCB Connect – Take a 1st Look!

by Ramon Busboom

GoEngineer’s New Product Design Team has put together complimentary training sessions; 1st Look at SOLIDWORKS New Products 2016, to help you make the most of the recent enhancements. If you’d like to learn more about SOLIDWORKS PCB, PCB Connect and other new products, please join us!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Colors

by John Lieber

If you happen to be using an Excel spreadsheet to define your wire or cable properties instead of using the name, here’s an easy conversion chart for converting the color name to numbers.

Key Elements For Creating Electrical Components

by Injy Gadalla

Whether you are developing conceptual high-level diagrams or creating detailed schematic drawings, components represent the basic entities of your design. How much time are your spending creating detailed components and mapping the appropriate models and attributes? And most importantly, how are

Real-World Challenges for Aspiring Engineers

by Tandy Banks

Nearly 400 Oklahoma teens competed in this year’s Duncan Area Youth Engineering Contest, up 50% from last year’s 240! Students in grades 7-12 from 9 different schools participated in the contest that is designed around PITSCO’s Metric 500 CO2 drag

Are you getting the most out of your design software?

by Cameron Bevan

We all have habits and we all have our comfort zones. I know first-hand that this is true in the design world.  Often times, designers get focused in specific areas (doing the same thing all the time) and never fully

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Manufacturing Parts Library

by John Lieber

This post will cover two aspects of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Manufacturing Parts Library. The second part of this document will cover the available attributes when importing manufactures parts using an Excel Spreadsheet.