GoLive Training: PDM Professional Admin

Price: $1,500

Length: 4 days – 9:30am to 1:30pm Pacific

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Prerequisites: Basic experience with the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software, experience with the Windows™ operating system, and knowledge of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM file structure and referencing.

Description: Covers all major functions of the PDM Professional Client, PDM Professional SOLIDWORKS add-in, search capabilities and Administration tool, configuration of users, workflows and document cards and other topics. This course is an essential part of bridging the communication gap for all future implementation services.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Planning for SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM
  • The Planning Process
  • Training Scenario
  • The Installation Process
  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Administration Tool
  • Creating a SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM File Vault
  • Case Study: Create a New File Vault
  • Create a Local File Vault View
  • Setup Overview
  • Users
  • Case Study: Creating Users
  • Groups
  • Case Study: Create a New Group
  • Data Cards
  • Anatomy of a Data Card
  • Case Study: Design a Folder Data Card
  • Importing Data Cards
  • Case Study: Design a File Data Card
  • Case Study: Design a Search Data Card
  • Views
  • Columns
  • Case Study: Column
  • Bill Of Material
  • Templates
  • Case Study: Folder Templates
  • File Templates
  • Case Study: File Template
  • Workflows
  • Categories
  • Case Study: Create Categories
  • Case Study: Modify Existing Workflow
  • Case Study: Create New Workflows
  • Revisions
  • Case Study: Create New Revision Schemes
  • Case Study: Specifications Revision Scheme
  • Case Study: CAD Files Revision Scheme
  • Case Study: Sorting State
  • Import and Export ERP Data
  • Case Study: Alias Set
  • Case Study: Export Rule
  • Case Study: Import Rule
  • Case Study: Assign Notifications
  • Case Study: Convert Task
  • File Types
  • User Settings
  • Case Study: Universal Joint
  • Bottom-Up Assembly
  • Creating a New Assembly
  • Position of the First Component
  • FeatureManager Design Tree and Symbols
  • Adding Components
  • Mating Components
  • Using Part Configurations in Assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Smart Mates
  • Inserting Sub-assemblies
  • Pack and Go
  • Using Assemblies
  • Analyzing the Assembly
  • Checking for Clearances
  • Changing the Values of Dimensions
  • Exploded Assemblies
  • Explode Line Sketch
  • Bill of Materials
  • Assembly Drawings

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