Portable 3D Scanning

Together with Creaform, GoEngineer offers a variety of Portable 3D Scanning technologies that have been developed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications, serving the needs of the aerospace, automotive and oil & gas industries. From professional-grade to metrology-grade, they provide users with highly accurate, portable and easy-to-use solutions.


  • Color data acquisition
  • Affordable accuracy
  • Pro-grade measurements

HandySCAN 3D

  • Truly portable
  • Metrology-grade
  • User Friendly

red-dot-logoreddot award 2015 winner

MetraSCAN 3D

  • Highly Accurate
  • Dynamic referencing
  • Complete Solution

red-dot-logoreddot award 2016 winner

2 thoughts on “Portable 3D Scanning

  1. Dennis Mays

    Our company is interested in have a demo of the Handheld 3d Scanner and possibly a ROMER Absolute Arm or whatever is the latest and greatest.
    Would like to set up a Demo at your earliest.


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