DraftSight Professional

Experience a powerful 2D design and drafting solution that lets you create, edit, view and markup any kind of 2D drawing. It includes productivity tools, an API, and a familiar user interface that makes it easy to transition from other comparable CAD applications. Plus, choose between subscription and non-subscription purchase options that meet your needs.

DraftSight Professional subscription 12 months

This is a subscription product with a fee of $199.00 per year. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

This purchase allows you to use DraftSight Professional for 12 months and entitles you to download all upgrades during that period. Runs on Windows only.

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DraftSight Professional Features


Straight-forward 2D documentation

Design and drafting tools.

Community Resources

Access to online community support and an abundance of learning resources, including our free “Getting Started Guide”.

DGN File Support

Import DGN files for direct editing, or attach them for reference or retracing purposes.

Toolbox for DraftSight

A standards-based mechanical symbol library and mechanical annotation add-on.

Design Library

The Design Library tab in DraftSight’s Task Pane provides a central location for user-defined reusable elements such as blocks.

Drawing Compare

DrawCompare is used to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents.

Batch Printing

Send a set of drawings and Sheets to printers in a batch job and save batch print jobs to Batch Print List (*bpl) files for subsequent use.

G-Code Generator

Convert your drawing data to G-Code to send the data to a CNC machine to create your part.

DraftSight APIs and API updates

APIs allow end users to customize and automate DraftSight.

Product upgrades

New releases and service packs that become available during your entitlement period.


Block Improvements

Curved Text

Dimensioning Improvements

G-Code Append

DraftSight 2018 New Features Overview

Quick Input Methods

Usability Improvements Part 1

Dimensioning Improvements

Click anywhere on a dimension to reposition, and place dimensions with widgets for automatic alignment and spacing.

Quick Input Methods

Provides a command entry interface near the cursor to input coordinates, distances, and angles.

Usability Improvements Part 1

Paste entities to the active layer regardless of their original properties, and see improved entity highlighting with new functionality and color options.

Block Improvements
Set a new base point for a block using the right mouse button, and blocks with text attributes can now be exploded while retaining the original attribute’s definition and style.

G-Code Append
Append G-Code data from one drawing to another quickly and easily.

Curved Text
Place text along an arc to better control the text direction and location.

Customer Story

Young Industries

“With DraftSight, we can manipulate past projects and our design library of P&ID symbols to save time and effort. In short, DraftShight gives us greater flexibility to work with 2D file formats and design entities more quickly and easily.”

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