Connected Shopfloor Quality

QualityXpert houses and delivers your inspection plans, results, gages and reports in a controlled, fully traceable cloud environment.  Real-time analytics and alerts that your entire team can access anytime, anywhere and on any device so that your entire team is working to the same plan.

 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection

Inspect your parts right on the shop floor using a web browser on a computer, laptop or mobile device. No more hassle of paper drawings and check sheets or spreadsheets for inspections.

 MegaChartControl Charts

Control charts are created and updated in real-time as your operators enter measurement results on the shop floor. Control limits are automatically calculated and updated to ensure that your process stays in control.

Fully Traceable

Always know who took a measurement, when they took the measurement, what device they took the measurement with and access the gage’s Gage R & R report to ensure your measurements were taken with a capable measurement system.

Effortless PPAP

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is rapidly becoming the standard for demonstrating your capability to correctly manufacturer your customers’ parts at quantity. Focus on making parts and let QualityXpert guide you to easy and accurate PPAP documentation.


  • Visual inspection to SPC
  • Gage management to Gage R&R
  • Non-conformance management to quality analytics on your process

QualityXpert integrates all of your quality functions into an easy to use online dashboard. It’s the perfect solution for small to mid-size precision manufacturers who want visual data-collection at the source of production, instant alerts, real-time reporting and easy access to their data.
Visual Inspection