3D CAD and 3D Printing Training Sessions


GoEngineer teams reveled with excitement as they prepared content to help our customers maximize their investment in the latest technology for this year’s 3D Product Design Training Event. Wrapping up in-person sessions just ended, so If you were unable to attend, please explore the complimentary, in-depth 3D printing training sessions on:

  • SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Enterprise PDM, API, Electrical, Routing, ECAD/MCAD Integration and 3D printing

Your ideas and feedback are important to us, please send us suggestions and comments for next year’s event to: marketing@goengineer.com. Have fun reviewing the content!

To view product content videos from last year’s event, click here.

MBD Inspection

Shape Your World 2016- SOLISWORKS MBD & Inspection are great tools to help your organization communicate throughout the manufacturing process. By leveraging these applications you can save tremendous amounts of time while improving the quality of your documents. This session starts with a brief overview of each product and shows some helpful tips to get them setup for your organization.


Learn the design flow of SOLIDWORKS PCB and the collaboration of SOLIDWORKS.


A brief overview of GoAutomate, an excel-based product configurator offered by GoEngineer for free to subscription customers.

3D Printing

This presentation introduces 3D printing, the Stratasys lineup up technologies, and some manufacturing applications for 3D printing.

Casting and Molding

Learn about casting and injection molding simulation using Click2Cast by Solidthinking and SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Snap into a Sim Gem

Learn how to make your setup time shorter, some gems to keep you in control of accuracy, and those behind the scenes tricks we use to figure out why your FEA analysis won’t run!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Harnessing Fundamentals

An intro to wire harnessing and harness design, and a walk through some fundamentals to harnessing in SOLIDWORKS Electrical on our customized Traxxas Slash RC race car! Covering library part creation, symbols and symbol creation, wire styles, SOLIDWORKS 3D association and routing, and finally reporting and harness drawings for manufacturing.

PDM Standard Introduction

Learn about SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard in this event presentation.

Topology Optimization

Learn about topology optimization using Inspire by Solidthinking.


An introduction to CAMWorks milling, turning, mill/turn as well as a look at programming in Assembly Mode, the CAMWorks Virtual Machine Simulator, and Tolerance Based Machining.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORKS Composer

Learn some of the application and capabilities of both SOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORS Composer as well as some helpful tips and tricks.