3D CAD and 3D Printing Training Sessions


GoEngineer teams reveled with excitement as they prepared content to help our customers maximize their investment in the latest technology for this year’s 3D Product Design Training Event. Wrapping up in-person sessions just ended, so If you were unable to attend, please explore the complimentary, in-depth sessions on a variety of topics.

Your ideas and feedback are important to us, please send us suggestions and comments for next year’s event to: marketing@goengineer.com. Have fun reviewing the content!

To view product content videos from last year’s event, click here.


Creating dazzling renderings & videos have never been easier. SOLIDWORKS Visualize makes photo quality images from 3D CAD models.


Learn how Model-based Definition can help streamline your design communication process.

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly

Learn some of the best practices when working with Large Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS.


30 Tech Tips in 30 Minutes – Learn some great productivity tips that can make your SOLIDWORKS experience more effective.

3D Printing

Learn about 3D Printing technologies and applications.


Learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation contributes to great design.

Flow Simulation

Learn how Flow Simulation was used to understand the heat generated within the bot from its motors. We also use Flow to understand how the heat from a flame thrower may effect the bots performance.


Integrating printed circuit design is easier with SOLIDWORKS PCB and the communication between MCAD/ECAD in the same structure.


SOLIDWORKS Composer allows us to quickly develop informative content that can be used for manuals & documents. BOMs, animations and renderings all without affecting the engineering datasets.

Casting & Molding

Learn how solidThining Click 2 Cast can aid in the design of cast metal components. We show how SOLIDWORKS Plastics help us design great plastic components.

Analysis Driven Design

Learn how to use solidThinking Inspire to optimize designs driven by structural analysis.