SolidWorks Test Skills Assessment

Ever wonder how you stack up against your peers? Curious which SOLIDWORKS class is the right class for you? Find out by taking a free SOLIDWORKS Test Skills Assessment from SolidProfessor.Having a better understanding of your core skills with SOLIDWORKS will help you identify which training courses will provide the most benefit.The test takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete on average and you’ll receive immediate results in an easy to understand report. Grab some colleagues and take the test on your break. What a great way to show your fellow SOLIDWORKS users who’s king and score those hard earned office bragging rights.

Test Your SOLIDWORKS Skills

The assessment will test your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS in the following categories:

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  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts
  • SOLIDWORKS Advanced Assemblies
  • SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress
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