SOLIDWORKS 2017 New Products and Features

2017 New Features

The new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017 and enhanced capabilities help designers innovate while increasing productivity. Both new and advanced users can improve their design skills with best practices in using these new tools.

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SOLIDWORKS PCB provides electrical engineers with a unified environment between schematic and board layout tools. The power of Altium is packaged in a delightful SOLIDWORKS inspired UI.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – User Interface

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces some great new capabilities that make the everyday user experience even more productive.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Sketch Enhancements

SolidWorks 2017 introduces some great new capabilities that enhance existing sketch workflows. All these new capabilities make working with Sketch geometry easier and even more intuitive in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Modeling Delighters

SOLIDWORKS 2017 extends some of its great features to help with the part modeling process.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Chamfer-Fillet

In SOLIDWORKS 2017 the Chamfer tool has been enhanced to include many of the advanced options found in Fillet. SOLIDWORKS 2017 also makes creating more complex chamfers a breeze. We now have the ability to switch any pre-existing Chamfer to a Fillet and vice versa.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Advanced Hole

Multi-stepped holes are a common design feature found in many industries. Although often simple in nature, they can require the construction of numerous features to achieve the desired result. SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces the new Advanced Hole feature, providing a powerful new capability for creating complex Multi Stepped holes, in a single operation.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Convert to Bodies

The Convert to Bodies command in SOLIDWORKS 2017 provides a powerful new capability for simplifying parts with detailed or complex feature histories, and controlling access to IP when sharing SOLIDWORKS designs outside of your organisation.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Offest Curve & Wrap Enhancements

With SOLIDWORKS 2017 you can now wrap sketches onto multiple surfaces of any shape. You can create an emboss, deboss or even just a curve to split the underlying surface. The new Offset Curve tool allows us to offset edges onto any surface!

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2017 makes it easier than ever for designers to build the shapes they need. Normal Cut options and better Corner Reliefs allow the model to stay ture to form in both the bent and flattened states.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Assembly Delighters

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces many productivity enhancements, or what we call “delighters” to the assembly environment. Components are mated intelligently based upon where the component is selected. Component geometry influences the direction as the mate is being created. There are lots of feature tree organization enhancements as well.

Working with imported geometry has never been easier and native files from many systems can simply be placed without the need to convert.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Magnetic Mates

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces new tools and enhanced workflows that directly address many of these challenges. Parts and assemblies can be published as assets with appropriate connection points that allow easy drag and drop mating. Upon insertion, components are immediately snapped onto a ground plane, and with a simple tab key, the part can be rotated for approximate positioning.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Mate Controller

In SOLIDWORKS 2016 we introduced the Mate Controller as an easy way to manipulate specific mates that control degrees for a design. For SOLIDWORKS 2017 you can now save each Mate Controller position as its own configuration. Just edit the mate controller feature and choose the positions for which you would like to create configurations. These new configurations are especially beneficial when you want to have your design in different positions in an upper level assembly or to display your design on a drawing in different positions to illustrate range of motion.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Simulation

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017, validating your designs, verifying and interrogating results, and communicating the details has never been easier. This means you can spend less time being an expert at Simulation and more time focused on leveraging the results to optimize the performance, quality, and reliability of your design.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Flow Simulation

For SOLIDWORKS FLOW Simulation 2017, there are two significant enhancements that offer tremendous power to users.

The first enhancement is using FLOW conditions from a lower level component (part or assembly) in a higher level assembly. In this case, imagine first analyzing the PCB board itself or even a heat sink you are attempting to optimize! When you are ready to move to the higher level, in this case the full electronics enclosure, you no longer need to recreate the conditions of the PCB – you can simply import them from the model.

The second major enhancement to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2017 is the ability to setup Multi-Parameter Optimization studies. Previous versions allowed only a single parameter. With 2017, multiple parameters, both SOLIDWORKS CAD geometry and FLOW Simulation variables, can be used as input.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Plastics

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017 provides more flexibility and control when defining your plastics design studies as well as better performance and accuracy for interpreting those results. Let’s take a look at some of the many new features found in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2017.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces flexible and powerful new workflows when working with 3rd Party design data with 3D Interconnect. 3D interconnect streamlines collaboration with your customers and supply chain regardless of which CAD tools they are using. It also allows you to leverage any legacy design data created in a variety of CAD formats as well.
3D Interconnect is much more than 3D translation. In-fact, it virtually bypasses the entire translation process and allows you to work with CAD data from a variety of design tools as though they were native SOLIDWORKS files.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017 offers many new features and enhancements. One of our favorites is the easy animation of transparency and cutting planes. Check out that and more in this video.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Routing

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Routing offers several new enhancements for improved usability and more control over routes.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – eDrawings

Well, with EDRAWINGS 2017 you can now view more native CAD formats, such as CATIA V5 and Autodesk Inventor. The geometry can be manipulated just like any other file in eDrawings – for example moving this cover out of the way just like this. Of course, just like any eDrawings file, you can Section, Markup, and Measure accurately.

In addition, eDrawings 2017 now supports many more neutral formats – such as 3DXML, IGES, OBJ, and also STEP AP242.
This STEP AP242 file opens complete, including all of the 3D product manufacturing information from the original CAD system giving manufacturers all the information they need to get their job done.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Treehouse

In SOLIDWORKS 2017, Treehouse provides you with even greater flexibility for creating and managing assembly structures.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Costing

There are several enhancements in Costing for SOLIDWORKS 2017. First, the bounding Box Preview now allows you to view either the first or last sheet when multiple sheets are required. This allows users to make modifications or alter the lot size to maximize sheet usage. In SOLIDWORKS 2016, we introduced rules based costing for machined parts, now in 2017 rules can now applied for sheet metal parts as well to get more accurate cost information.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Drawings

SOLDIWORKS 2017 gives us some great usability imporovements for Drawings.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – 3D Printing

Adative manufacturing continues to be a area of growth and SOLIDWORKS 2017 increases capabilties to 3D print our designs. These tools allow us to analyze our geometry before we print to help ensire our design intent is solid. This release introduces the 3MF format.

3MF is the latest 3D printing format that will allow designers to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services and printers without the need for third party build preparation software or time consuming file repair. 3MF also holds build direction, material and color.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Options Locking

The new Settings Administration tool in 2017 allows CAD Administrators to set and/or lock the SOLIDWORKS
system options when deploying or upgrading SOLIDWORKS.

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