SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

New Term Licensing Options from SOLIDWORKS

Lower upfront costs with flexible and scalable licensing options!


With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2017, customers will now be able to rent SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional or Premium as well as SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Professional or Premum in increments of either 3 months or 1 year.

5 Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

1. Variety of Term Lengths

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is available in 3 or 12 month increments. This provides great flexibility for companies with interns or contract employees, who only need SOLIDWORKS for a limited period of time. Term licenses also allow you to evaluate potential SOLIDWORKS upgrades that may benefit your company’s engineers. Term licenses can be extended at any time, if you decide you need more time.

2. Lower Upfront Cost

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing allows companies to design new products with the world’s most widely used CAD software without the traditionally higher upfront costs of perpetual licenses. This is great for start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and businesses of any size. SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing can also help increase budget flexibility, as customers can spread the cost of their CAD software over multiple years.

3 Flexible and Scalable Solution

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing enables companies to access the tools they need for current projects, allowing them to remain agile even as priorities shift. Companies can purchase new term licenses based on their changing needs and choose term lengths that match their product or project schedules.

4. Support and Subscription Benefits

SOLIDWORKS Term License customers have access to the same benefits and services as SOLIDWORKS subscription customers: Technical support, knowledge base, software upgrades and enhancements, customer portal and My.SolidWorks. These benefits are applicable only for the length of the term license..

5. It’s NOT just CAD!

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing is available for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, Professional, and Premium. So, if you find the need to do an analysis on a design, and aren’t ready to purchase a perpetual license of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can get a term license for temporary use.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing FAQs

Is the full version of a SOLIDWORKS product included with a term license?

Yes, files created with a term license are the same as files created with perpetual licenses – no watermarking.

When is payment due with a term license?

Full payment for a term license is due up-front. Payment is not available on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, GoEngineer may be able to offer net 30 terms if you qualify.

Can I choose the start date of a term license?

No, term licensing starts the day the order is processed with SOLIDWORKS, not the day the customer chooses to activate.

Can term licenses be used with networked SOLIDWORKS licenses?

Term licenses CANNOT be added to the FlexNet Network themselves. However, you can use term licensing in conjunction with networked SOLIDWORKS licenses – i.e. if you have a networked SOLIDWORKS license, you can use a term simulation license with it.

Can a term license be converted to a perpetual license?

No, term licenses cannot be converted to perpetual licenses or vice versa.

Can an activated 1-year term license be downgraded to a 3-month term license?

No, a term license cannot be downgraded. Customers will have to wait until the end of the term and then start a new term with a downgraded license.

Can an activated 3-month term license be upgraded to a 1-year term license?

Yes, a term license can be upgraded at any time with a pro-rated fee.

Are subscription service benefits different with a term license?

No, those with term licenses get the same full reseller support as perpetual licenses current on Subscription Service. Customers also get access to MySolidWorks, Certifications and access to the Customer Portal.

Are term licenses transferable?

No, term licenses cannot be transferred to another customer.

Can I own both perpetual and term licenses?

Yes, you can mix and match term and perpetual licenses. Meaning, you can be an existing customer with perpetual licenses (stand-alone or networked) and add a 3-month SOLIDWORKS Standard license and a few weeks later add a 1-year SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional license.