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We provide many ways to access our award winning support. From simple email communications, to having us call you back so you don’t waste precious time waiting on hold. Let me help you find what you need, when you need it, and how you want it.

7 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time

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Email Us

Send us an email at support@goengineer.com.

For fastest service, here are some quick guidelines that will allow us to provide the best possible level of support we can:

Bug-Bullet Include the best way to contact you (email, phone, ESP, etc...)
Bug-Bullet Don't forget a detailed description.
Bug-BulletUse the FTP option for large datasets

If you wish to contact us for a non-support related reason, please send us an email at marketing@goengineer.com

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Call GoEngineer

You can call our technical support team directly at 1-888-559-6167.

If you are looking for other assistance besides technical support, please give us a ring at 1-800-688-3234.

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Call Me

Would you like me to find an expert to call you back? I can look through our experienced support team to see who is available so you don’t have to worry about sitting on hold.

►►► Have us Call You Back

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Ask Joe (Knowledge Base)

We've put together an incredible library of well over 12,000 articles, videos, best practices, and white papers. All open and accessible to the greater design community.

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Video Library

We have created over 400 videos for your continuous education and support references.

►►► Access the Video Library Now

Also, our Knowledge Base has made the entire Video Library searchable. Use our Knowledge Base to search for the specific support resource that you require.

►►► Ask Joe (Knowledge Base)

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FTP Upload

Need to send us some large files? No problem, we can help. We'll set up a specific area for your upload requirements, please contact us at support@goengineer.com or 1-888-559-6167 so we may send your specific upload instructions.

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SolidWorks Forums

Connect with other users from around the world through the SolidWorks Community Forums. Start a discussion, help be a hero to another SolidWorks user by answering their question, or simply review the existing threads so you can say "I knew that"....

►►► Take me there!

Join Tech Support Meeting

Help Us Help You!

Top tips to help get your support routed and resolved as fast as possible:

  • Include your email signature and phone number with every correspondence.
  • List the current version of the software (including service pack) and OS that you’re working on.
  • Describe the issue with more detail, “my software isn’t working” makes it tough to route your call to the best resource.
  • Tell us about the steps that you’ve already tried to resolve, this saves frustration and everyone’s time during diagnosis.
  • Don’t wait to get us involved. It’s easier to solve the problem when it’s small, vs. waiting until you have a five alarm fire.