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Get the most out of your investment! Join complimentary engineering webinars that are relevant, timely, and help you leverage your technology investments. Each webinar is 30 min with live Q&A by the presenter, a GoEngineer product specialist.


Live Town Hall Webcast : Bridging The Gap Between Plastic Part Design and Manufacturing

Thur, Apr 26, 2018 10am PT

Plastic Injection mold tools are costly, and they take time to manufacture. Even a small design change late in the product development process could turn tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of molds into doorstops and boat anchors. Join our panel of experts, from plastic injecting molding industry, as they discuss plastic part design and manufacturing best practices and share ideas on how to avoid costly errors and rework.This 90-minute event is sponsored by DS SolidWorks Plastic Design group and will on focus on

  • Plastic Materials Selection & Preparation
  • Molded Part Defects & How to Avoid Them
  • Establishing a Scientific Molding Process
  • Financial Impact of Utilizing Injection Molding Software

Panelist will share their knowledge and experience and following their presentation you will have a chance to ask questions and exchange ideas.

3D Printing: AMUG and RAPID + TCT 2018: Recap

Mon, Apr 30, 2018 12pm PT
April is a busy month for the 3D printing industry, with 2 of the largest conferences happening back-to-back. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! We will be at both and will share our experiences during this webinar. We’ll cover new announcements, new technology, and the latest in applications.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Thermal Analysis Simulation

Wed, May 2, 2018 12pm PT
Metallurgical heat treatment generally involves heating a product to extreme temperatures, and then slowly cooling the product outside the oven. Simulation products can assist in the timing required to heat up and cool down a product. This webinar will be useful to you if (1) you need to compare the capabilities of our thermal packages, or (2) you require a detailed understanding of transient, thermal, or radiation analysis with your current product.


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