The Versatility of eDrawings for the iPad by Kevin Q.

by Kevin Quach

eDrawings Pro has finally been released, and with it comes a slew of features that makes this the best viewer to integrate with your design process. To begin, here’s a look at just a few of the features requested by users that is now included in Pro:

Markup – Not only can designers markup their own drawings, but the markups can be saved and e-mailed to other designers for work group collaborations.

Measure – Data can now all be measured, showing the size of your design makes communication easier.

Dynamic Cross Sections – Cross section views of all designs is now possible, making it easier to show the inner workings or details of an assembly.

Transparencies – It is now possible to hide, show, or make your parts transparent with the viewer.

As a designer, it’s now possible to get designs shared and collaborated on faster, especially when making change with an important client or even on the work floor.  There is currently promotional pricing on eDrawings Pro. For the month of September it will be available through iTunes for $4.99, after which it will go to $9.99. You can download the viewer here: eDrawings Viewer

With today’s technology moving forward, we become more able to take advantage of the versatility of these new powerful tools. Imagine 10 years ago when a CAD designer would have to take notes on pen and paper. At times a simple modification would turn into a full scale rework of a design and designer would literally have to go back to “the drawing board.” Fast forward 10 years and we now have powerful tablets that professionals can use to make their work place more effective.
(Spock Anyone?)

Now hopefully we get an eDrawings viewer for our friends with Android operating systems.

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