Check out the cool new enhancements to 3DVIA Composer 2013 by Matt Morgan

by GoEngineer

The theme for this release was focused around three subjects: Improve 3D user experience, enrich 3D content creation, and enhance collaboration.


Improve 3D user experience

The user experience has been improved by enhancing 3DVIA Studio to support not only Internet Explorer, but also Firefox. Most functions will also work in other browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

With 2013x you have some new point of view options. These new options make it easy to position your model exactly how you like by using the arrow keys to rotate, roll and pan the model.

Enrich 3D Content Creation

2013x added a tool library which contains standard tools like wrenches and screwdrivers so you don’t have to design them yourself to put into instructions. There is also a flexible hand with kinematics built in so you can easily position the hand as needed. Plus, it comes with some predefined hand positions …(all G-Rated, of course!)

3DVIA Composer has added some new arrow and line style options in Measurements to give you more flexibility to create the look you want. They also added positioning tools to make placing measurements and dimensions much easier.

Polylines have now been improved to provide spline shapes. They can also be automatically closed and filled, and of course you can control the color and transparency as you would expect.

Enhance Collaboration

In this new release of 3DVIA Composer 2013x, you’ll find importing models from various CAD systems is a snap. New predefined import profiles let you pick from the recommended import settings for various CAD packages improving consistency when importing geometry.

These new enhancements will help you save time and improve the quality and flexibility of your technical content.

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