Expanded Offering of Stratasys and Objet RP Portfolio by Deborah Bell

GoEngineer is excited to announce, with the recent completion of the Stratasys/Objet merger, that we now offer a new line of Objet 3D printers in addition to our existing Stratasys portfolio of printers to better serve our customers looking to take their prototyping to the next level.

Stratasys and Objet technologies complement each other with Stratasys, the leader in Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) and best in class for form, fit, and function, while Objet offers many materials that allow clear and flexible parts with smooth surface finishes. Learn More about Objet Printers

Stratasys and Objet

Now, more than ever, we can best address your needs across the entire 3D design and manufacturing spectrum with our even more comprehensive portfolio of innovative RP solutions from the two best additive manufacturing technologies in the industry.

Stratasys and Objet Portfolio

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