If kids like it, it must be cool! GoEngineer helps shine new light on “old” profession. by Jessica Skorut

Wow! What a fun event to be part of. The group of kids we sponsored from Mt. Nebo Jr. High took 4 out of the 5 winning slots! Congratulations Mt. Nebo!

sp2Randy C. Hurd, Research Assistant for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at BYU, said he hopes other companies follow GoEngineer’s lead in the years to come.  Mt. Nebo, as a group, was a very strong competitor. As Randy pointed out, the full sponsorship provides the primary necessities for the kids to participate.  Support like this provides items like supply kits and secondary provisions such as uniform T-shirts and transportation. This translates to the kids and their parents as, ‘hey, this is a legitimate program,’ which fuels excitement and involvement for the kids, teachers and parents.  Randy thinks the overall goal for SeaPerch to mentor the local youth by encouraging mathematics, engineering, robotics, and higher education was met and exceeded. We agree and are looking forward to next year!

Getting local companies, like GoEngineer, to support this program gives kids real life applications for engineers.  Before this, the kids thought engineers were people that either drove trains or connected wires. Getting students to work through complex concepts such as buoyancy, navigation, or propulsion at a basic level using a simple tool kit and with the help of mechanical engineering graduate students, equals success and enthusiasm for higher education!

Some kids may still think Engineers only drive trains or connect wires but not the students who are part of the SeaPerch program!

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