SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D – Changing the Automatic Root Value for Symbols

by Bryce Heventhal

Below I will review how to change the automatic root value for symbols inserted into the SolidWorks Electrical 2D documents (Single-line and Multi-line schematics).

1)  In SolidWorks Electrical, click on the “Library” tab. Invoke the symbols/parts classification manager by clicking on the “Component Classification” Command

E2D12)  A root (i.e. A, Y, etc.) is associated with each classification or sub-classification. The root can be changed by double clicking in the corresponding field of a classification or sub-classification.



A)  If the “Root” field is changed, the corresponding symbol will have that Root Mark when dropped on a schematic. For example, if the root for the circuit-breakers is change from Q to CB, then the symbol will be marked as CB1 if that is the first instance of a circuit breaker inserted into the schematic (See Image Below)


B)  A component’s root mark can also be changed manually by right clicking on the symbol and clicking on the “symbol properties.” Here, a root and number can be assigned for that one instance of the symbol.



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