Stratasys Insight – Creating Manual Toolpaths for your Stratasys 3D Printer

by Tony Riggs

Tip for Using Stratasys Insight

This video reviews some easy steps to manually slice a file, generate toolpaths, and generate support material toolpaths.  I will also cover when is a good time to use this method instead of a “green flag” process.

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About Tony Riggs

Hey, my name is Tony Riggs. I grew up just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Tulsa where I received a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I worked for five years at Flight Safety International (current customer with 40+ SW licenses). We designed and built flight simulators for commercial and private jets. I moved to Texas in 2000 and got married. I called up our SOLIDWORKS reseller and asked if they knew of anyone needing someone with SOLIDWORKS experience and I started there the next week. I began working with Stratasys machines in 2003. I had some experience with a few laser scanners and milling machines. I enjoy working on SOLIDWORKS Beta testing, but have different levels of success based on what else it going on that year.

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