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by Sandy Ortez

LearnThey say “knowledge is power,” and many can agree that education can be very expensive these days.  GoEngineer has put together many free events to help you discover, learn and grow.  Many of these events are short and only require a couple hours of your time. Since we know you can’t always leave work, we also have the option to attend several webcast events as well.  Topics of the seminars range from SolidWorks Electrical to Altium EDA to simple tips and tricks sessions.

Don’t forget to visit the GoEngineer YouTube and  Knowledge Base when you have a question about a function or feature of any product you are currently using.

Here is a list of our upcoming events:

 –  Instructions go to the shop floor late, causing production delays.
 –  Shop technicians do not understand complex instructions.
 –  Late design changes due to errors in manufacturing.
 –  Out of date product images in current work instruction.

  • Product Webcasts – Topics include: Using the SolidWorks Design Library, Integrate your ECAD and MCAD tools with Desktop EDA and Archived Web Screencasts. Take a peek at each agenda!
  • SolidWorks Electrical Seminars – Learn more about SolidWorks Electrical at a GoEngineer office near you. These events are 2 hours and include lunch – 11AM to 1PM local time.
  • SolidWorks Plastics Seminars – Learn more about SolidWorks Plastics at select locations.  This event is also for 2 hours and includes lunch – 11AM to 1PM local time.
  • Webcasts Tips ‘n Tricks – Using the SolidWorks Design Library – Agenda includes:  creating library features, using library parts, setting up the design library and understanding the advantages of each technique and when to unlink features.

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