Scheduled Maintenance

by Tandy Banks

December is exciting to me in so many ways.  Traditional holidays and festivities along with the crisp air, make it a great time to be around family and friends.  For many of us, we are also winding down on some long work-related projects.  Anticipating the end of the year, I often find myself analyzing the past year’s successes and planning strategy for what I want to accomplish in the new year to come.  Manufacturing companies will often use this time, when production may be lower, to perform some much-needed maintenance on equipment.  Being a technical resource, I feel we should do the same.Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is crucial for machinery & equipment to perform properly. Instead of replacing parts or lubrication, we can asses our current skills and tool-up for the next stages of our production.  Many SolidWorks users are looking forward to the SolidWorks World 2014 conference in San Diego. For many, this is a place to learn new methods and techniques to help them improve in the work environment.  Others will be taking advantage of new training budgets to attend classes. GoEngineer has planned another exciting year of courses to be delivered at each local office.

GoEngineer’s dynamic instructors have invested many hours preparing to lead our clients through the advantages offered in the 2014 SolidWorks products. Some of the most popular enhancements that were introduced during our Launch events are being showcased in the new curriculum. Take a look at the 2014 schedule and find classes that are right to help you increase your success.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know what would benefit you most. We also develop customized courses to help our clients learn how to maximum  their technology and increase the potential of their employees.

Wishing you and your teams Happy Holidays and many successes to come in 2014!

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