Automated Cache Management

by Francisco Guzman

I enjoy hearing about new approaches to automate repetitive tasks and facilitate daily processes. When I first heard about Enterprise PDM’s new option to automate caching behavior for Enterprise PDM 2014, I immediately thought about sharing this new useful functionality.

Prior to Enterprise PDM 2014, template files and design libraries stored in Enterprise PDM needed to be manually cached with the latest versions of the templates or standard library parts. If we as users are not diligent about this, we may find ourselves with a part that is created with older components from the library, older custom weldment profiles, or older drawing templates that do not contain the company’s new logo. We can ensure that new designs are created with the latest template files and standard library parts by right mouse clicking on the templates or library folder in Enterprise PDM and select Get Latest Version.  This can be done on a daily or weekly basis.

Similarly, in a multiple user environment where computers are shared with multiple users, not all users have the same rights to view or use the files stored in Enterprise PDM. In this case, the user with rights would have to manually Clear Local Cache in the local vault view prior to logging off the machine. This to prevent users with lesser rights from viewing the locally cached files that they should not see. To accomplish this, Right Mouse Click on the folder that contains the cached files and navigate to Tools > Clear Local Cache.


To facilitate these processes and increase accuracy of CAD data and security, SolidWorks has created a new option in Enterprise PDM 2014 to automate the Clear Local Cache and Get Latest commands. This enables a CAD users to cache template files and standard library parts upon log in.  You can also clear local cache upon log out if desired.

These options are located in Administration tool under User or Group properties and for specific folders.


Just be careful to not select your vault root folder for caching your entire vault automatically upon log in. This can cause the caching of large amounts of data in a client machine. You do not want 500 GB of data in your local machine now do you?

For more information about this new and neat functionality of Enterprise PDM, you can visit SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Help file by clicking the link below. More information can also be found in the Enterprise PDM 2014 Administration Guide.

SolidWorks Help File: User Properties – Cache Options per Folder Tab


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