Learn SolidWorks at your own pace.

by Jessica Skorut

If you’ve been looking for an engineering job lately, you’ve probably discovered that most of them require the use of SolidWorks as one of the main design/analysis tools.
If you’d like to learn SolidWorks but don’t have the time to take the formal training, or perhaps you have already attended a training course but still wish to learn more from the expert?

Then you should look up Paul Tran’s manuals.

Paul is a senior Certified SolidWorks Instructor at GoEngineer. He has been teaching SolidWorks for the past 18 years and has trained more than 7000 engineering professionals. Paul has also given guidance to more than 1/2 of the Certified SolidWorks Professionals and Certified SolidWorks Experts in the state of California. Before joining GoEngineer’s team, Paul spent nearly 12 years in the field of safety medical devices, where he used Pro-E, Unigraphics and AutoCad for most of his developments, creating an extensive knowledge base.

The manuals are comprised of lessons and exercises based on Paul’s extensive knowledge of this software. Every lesson and exercise in his books are created based on real world projects. Each of the projects have been broken down and developed into easy, comprehendible steps for the reader. Learn SolidWorks at your own pace, as you progress from simple fundamentals to advanced and complex design challenges. Additionally, at the end of every chapter, there are self-test questionnaires to ensure that the reader has gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons.

Currently there are 214 universities, colleges, and high schools that have adopted these manuals to teach their SolidWorks courses.

Below are some of the latest editions of Paul’s manuals:

SolidWorks 2014 Part 1 – Basic Tools
* Start at an introductory level designed for beginners
* Comprehensive coverage of beginning to intermediate tools and techniques
* Uses a step-by-step, tutorial approach with real world projects
* Covers the creation of parts, assemblies and engineering drawings
* Features a quick reference guide to SolidWorks command icons, toolbars and Certified SolidWorks Professional Core exam preparation materials

SolidWorks 2014 Part 2 – Advanced Techniques
* Uses a step-by-step tutorial approach with real world projects
* Comprehensive coverage of advanced modeling techniques such as: solid vs. surface modeling, 3D sketch, sweep, loft, working with curves, top down assemblies, simulationXpress, repairing errors  and external references
* Features a quick reference guide to SolidWorks command icons, toolbars and Certified SolidWorks Professional Core exam preparation materials

CSWE – Certified SolidWorks Expert Preparation Materials – For SolidWorks 2010 thru 2014
* The most complete and comprehensive book on the CSWE exam available
* The lessons are based on the actual CSWE examination
* Projects are broken down into easy and comprehendible steps
* Intended for advanced users who have already accomplished the CSWP title
* This manual is also a great resource for the more CAD literate individuals who want to expand their knowledge of the different features that SolidWorks has to offer
* Also features a quick reference guide to SolidWorks command icons and toolbars


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