Chili Bowl in Tulsa – and not the kind you eat

by Tandy Banks

Tulsa, OK – The 28th annual Chili Bowl Nationals was an action packed week of racing.  281 drivers took to the indoor arena in hopes of claiming the coveted title of Chili Bowl Nationals Champion.  The Chili Bowl is a unique clay surface inside the Spirit Expo Arena in Tulsa’s Fair Park providing a ¼ mile oval intimately surrounded by thousands of race fans.  These cars are small with 131 cu in 4-cylinder motors that will reach speeds just over 80 mph while driving sideways!  It took 4 days of qualifying and many races to get all of the year’s best teams narrowed to the 24-team field for the last 55-lap race.  The 2014 top 3 finishers were Bryan Clauson, Kevin Swindell & Christopher Bell.cb

GoEngineer happily partnered with driver Justin Hendricks and customer Vacuworx on the 05H Loyet Motorsports team this year.  Loyet fielded several cars and team owner, Bard Loyet, finished 15th in the final A-feature championship race. Their focus, besides pursuing the Chili Bowl’s Championship Golden Driller trophy, has been to raise awareness and funds for the Eagle Gift Foundation. The Eagle Gift Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance to Oklahoma charitable organizations who promote educational programs, protect vulnerable children, and lend a helping hand to those experiencing adversity.Chili Bowl OK (4)

Loyet and Vacuworx built and operated a racing simulator that was a main attraction in the trade show area.  Funds were raised through admission charges for racing on the simulator.  Best one-lap time on the simulator during the week was 11.345 secs.

For another spin on this event, take a look at this blog post on the MAVTV site:  MAVTV Scores smash success with Chili Bowl Live BroadcastChili Bowl OK (8)

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