SolidWorks World 2014 Wrap Up

by John Lieber

On the final morning of SolidWorks World 2014, I think everyone was moving a little slower due to lack of sleep. We can’t be surprised by this as the non-stop happenings over the previous days paired with the off-site Special Event hosted by SolidWorks make it all worth it.  The Special Event ended with a spectacular fireworks show which was very suiting.

The final general session with Aaron Kelly started with a quick review of the previous two days. Aaron shared a video of the Platinum sponsor NVIDIA which showed us their new GRID VCA.

Mark Schneider then took the stage to talk about the Model Mania contest.  This is a contest hosted at SolidWorks World for the last 15 years. Attendees build a part in SolidWorks then have to make changes to the part.  Each person is evaluated on accuracy and time.  Each year the top three people (three customers and three VAR employees) are awarded prizes from the sponsor. This year the prizes were video cards from NVIDIA and their new game system SHIELD.  For the customers, Tom Smith from CHL Systems took first, Andrew Lowe second, and Michael Wiggins came in third.

Avelino Rochino and Michael Puckett from the certification department of SolidWorks came on stage next to discuss the Certified SolidWorks program.  They announced that there are 85,000 people certified in 2013 with 100,000 people certified by SolidWorks since the programs was created. There is also a new certification for SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual that is going to be available.  Next, Marie Planchard came on stage to talk about the Certified SolidWorks Associate program at Mount San Antonio College where students get the chance to take the certification exam as part of the course work.

Following was a video from another show sponsor, DELL which talked a bit about their products and their new Performance Optimizer.

Next, Bruce Holway, Director Product Definition, came up to remark on the SolidWorks Enhancement request program.  Last year, SolidWorks received more than 6,700 requests through the website or the many onsite visits SolidWorks performed.  This year was no different. He highlighted the Top Ten enhancement requests they received.

10.  Auto-hide assembly components while mating new components

9.    Provide a Purge Data command to reduce file size

8.    List quantity of identical holes in a hole callout

7.    Redefine a fillet to a chamfer from within the same command (and vice versa)

6.    Redefine angular dimensions after they have been placed

5.    Unlimited Undo/Redo

4.    ESC should always return control to the UI

3.    Draw line from midpoint

2.    Rename components from the Feature Manager Tree

1.    Equal spacing for linear patterns

Neil Cook then began discussing the application SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual, new to 2015.  We’ve been hearing a lot about it, he showed us that the collaboration panel will be migrated into SolidWorks, DraftSights, and eDrawings so that no matter where you are you will be able to work with your coworkers, customers and clients. Very cool!

Then, for the moment everyone was waiting for, the unveiling of some new features to expect in SolidWorks 2015.  As always, the team at SolidWorks came up with a unique and humorous method of showing off the new features. I don’t know how to explain their presentation and do it justice, but think Batman circa 1966.  This year I was pretty blown away with all the new features they shared, more so than the last few years. I’m going to have a hard time waiting until the fall release.  Some of the items that stuck out to me:  Asymmetric Filleting, Split Surfaces, Render Regions, Segment Lines Equally, Line from Midpoint, Weldment Costing, Square Duct Routing, Chain Patterns, Width Mate Geometry Limits, Drawing Sheet Zones, Model Break and Pipe Break, Enterprise PDM Mobile Client, and SolidWorks Inspection. CADMAN

At the end of the session, Betrand Sicot joined us on stage to thank the Platinum sponsors and share a video they created over the last few days of SolidWorks World.  He also shared that next year’s event will be held in Phoenix Arizona February 8-11, 2015.

Until next year,

Johnathen Lieber

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