3D Printing – Endless Possibilities

by Sandy Ortez

No matter what industry you are in, 3D Printing is making its way to you. From medical devices to automotive parts, fashion to sporting goods; 3D printing is here for the long run.  This winter, Stratasys put a spin on outdoor sporting by printing their own set of skis using the Fortus 900mc Production system.  In a recent Stratasys blog post, they described in depth the steps they took from start to finish.Stratasys 3D Skis SWW

A modern ski has a few basic requirements. A bottom layer that can take up wax and metal edges that can be sharpened are a good start. You attach the base material and metal edges to a structure that provides the shape of the ski and something to attach the bindings to. This structure is typically made by laminating different materials (e.g., wood, metal, plastics, etc.) together with epoxy under pressure. The epoxy cures and you have a ski.

I decided to use industry-standard P-Tex base material and metal edges together with 3D printed parts to make real, functioning 3D printed skis.

Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM technology was used as the printing method. FDM is suitable for outdoor environments and can take the abuse of outdoor activities. Specifically, ULTEM 9085 resin was used because it has exceptional strength and can resist temperature and moisture changes.  While some will stick to sporting good stores for ski purchases, this may be a huge development for the custom ski business. Who wouldn’t prefer skis that are custom printed to their liking?

With all this talk of printing on your own, what would you print if given the chance? GoEngineer offers you an option to PRINT YOUR OWN PART.

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