Print-a-Part Event Inspires Houston

by GoEngineer

PAP HOU (3)On August 26th, GoEngineer hosted a 3D Print-a-Part Event in our Houston office.  Tony Riggs, Application Engineer discussed a day in the life of a designer utilizing a 3D printer.  More specifically, he showed the group of attendees how he designed a fixture using SOLIDWORKS that holds parts for gluing. Tony went on to discuss the parameters he used for this part in order to create the 3D prototype in house. The group was able to view our 3D Printer Lab and get detailed insight on printer versatility.

PAP HOU (1)Nearly 20 people attended this free and informative event, most came predominately from the oil & gas, automotive, consumer products and aerospace industries.  Customers, such as Emerson Appleton division, PSAA Technical Ventures & ZM Engineering came prepared with specific questions, concerns and specific needs for the success of their businesses.  Inquiries ranged from learning the basics of 3D printing, starting the process for in house 3D printing, to meeting the needs of mass production.  All in all, it was unanimous that change is in the air. Change in manufacturing with 3D printing, means a new direction for design as well. Our customers felt this event was a smashing success.

GoEngineer will be hosting these 3D Print-a-Part events throughout several offices in the months to come, be sure to check the schedule and join us to learn more about design to print.

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