TITAN American Built

by Jessica Skorut

TITAN LogoGoEngineer is proudly supporting and co-sponsoring a new reality TV series, TITAN – American Built, on MAVTV that airs October 24th. Watch as they lead the fight, our common fight, to bring millions of lost jobs and thousands of lost manufacturing companies back to the United States.

Airing on Fridays beginning October 24th 4PM PT.

DISH- Channel 248
DirecTV- Channel 214
Verizon- Channel 810
For Cable – Check local listings

Titan Gilroy, now a manufacturing entrepreneur, overcame tremendous obstacles – including homelessness, abuse and prison time – to achieve success. His inspirational life story will be documented in this reality TV series. He leads by example and will show how our fiercely innovative and technical people need the support of manufacturing from home.

GoEngineer was able to personally take part in one of the episodes at the Maxine Singer Youth Guidance Center in Marysville, CA. where Titan was asked to speak to the students, share about his life, and to tell his story of overcoming many of the same obstacles the teens have experienced. “When I was growing up, there were times where I was homeless. I lived on the streets, in tents on beaches, and in boys’ homes. It is important for me to help these hardened kids. I feel like I can show them that I’ve been through a lot of the things that they’ve been through, I’ve seen what they’ve seen, and I’ve been able to overcome it all.” Titan says his heart breaks for teens like this at Camp Singer.

titan-american-built TITAN Paul

GoEngineer teamed up with TITAN – American Built, SOLIDWORKS, and Stratasys to donate CAD software, high-end computers, instructor led training, and a 3D printer for the at-risk teens at the Maxine Singer Youth Correctional Facility.

The “TITAN-Built Careers” program was launched with the sponsorship help of GoEngineer, Stratasys and SOLIDWORKS. Items donated include, CAD software, high-end computers, instructor led training, and a 3D printer. This program reaches out to at-risk teenagers in Northern California, like those at Camp Singer. As a result, a program now exists, for those that graduate high school, to have an opportunity to learn high tech job skills, manufacturing and machining experience, and gain a second chance at life.

“A huge thanks goes out to Stratasys and Ken Coburn, President of GoEngineer, for helping make Titan Built Careers a reality. It truly is changing these teens’ lives, and their futures.” Titan Gilroy.


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