Dessert in the Desert

by Tandy Banks

The Arizona desert has been covered with SOLIDWORKS enthusiasts from all over the world this week. Packed with jaw-dropping announcements and technical marvels, SOLIDWORKS World 2015 was in full swing. This is the event many look forward to each year in order to charge the imagination and help get a bearing on what the future might hold. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, SOLIDWORKS announced that we get another great item.  With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP2, we also get access to the newly released SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition or MBD. To me, it was like getting a satisfying dessert after a great meal.

Model Based Definition is a movement and methodology of presenting product details in a more efficient way. SOLIDWORKS MBD gives us the capabilities to capture important details in an easy to understand way while utilizing the 3D solids. Many companies spend countless hours creating traditional 2D drawings of their 3D design only to have the real product as a tangible 3D object. There seems to be way too much waste in the translation process.  With this new tool set, we can convey the most critical design elements in a dynamic 3D format.  We also get the benefit of satisfying new standards like MIL-STD-31000 and ANSI 14.41.

We are given the option to output our designs in template-driven 3D PDFs or eDrawings. Both give us the needed flexibility to archive and share designs throughout our organizations without the need for proprietary viewers. Over 90% of all computers come preloaded with PDF viewers so all you need are your awesome designs and SOLIDWORKS MBD.  Take a look at this video to become a little more acquainted with MBD.   You’ll see why this new add-in will become a vital part of your design communication toolset.

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