SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – Recap

by Nathan Dunn

Phoenix, AZ was the perfect host of this year’s SOLIDWORKS World 2015. Fantastic weather and fresh off the Super Bowl win made for a great week filled with fantastic technical sessions, interesting keynote speakers, and a fun time spent with old friends.  There were 5,500 attendees!  And for the first time, a live webcast was available for the general sessions – a great way to reach an even wider audience for those around the world that couldn’t be there in person.

Greater Phoenix

SOLIDWORKS World always brings inspiring visionaries to present during the general sessions. Dr. Michio Kakuone of the most widely recognized figures in science today, was fascinating and certainly made me question some “realities” that we experience today.  Jinsop Lee covered his fresh approach to design and spoke on the idea of designing for the five senses. He has an interesting take on the ultimate 5 sense experience, if you would like to know more make sure to check out this video from TED.

Although the fun may be over for this year, I look forward to seeing you in my backyard next year. SOLIDWORKS World 2016 will be in Dallas, TX January 31st through February 3rd.


If you would like to read a detailed recap of each day’s events, you can find them on the SOLIDWORKS Blog; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


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