Shape Your World

by Tandy Banks

Imagination and creativity are some of the most attractive aspects of our world.  As kids, imagination is used to build sand castles, make forts from a simple box or a tent made of extra sheets.  You might gather with friends to design great places and act out awesome adventures.  At times, others may come along and expose us to different ways of seeing what was possible.  Imagination, creativity and experiences are what helped to shape the world as you know it.  As adults, it’s not much different.

Over the past few years, GoEngineer has provided tailor-made Spring events geared toward enhancing our customer’s design process by leveraging the right technology for the right job.   During these half day events, we share productivity tips and reveal case studies of how our extensive tools and technology can work together for your benefit.  The feedback from past attendees and valued clients has been clear; keep it up and crank-it-up a notch!  In response, we are extending our Spring events to a full-day of dynamic technical sessions focused on the items you’ve ranked as most important.

Several GoEngineer locations will host multiple sessions during 6 time slots.  Allowing you to feast from the technical buffet of design awesomeness! We are covering topics that range from Installation to Simulation, Surfacing to Master Model, and Rendering to 3D Printing.  We will reveal best practices for many of the foundation products and will also include some useful new additions. These events are also a great time to network with other SOLIDWORKS users and discuss your questions with GoEngineer experts.

Each region’s schedule is listed and can be viewed by clicking the image below.  Sessions are 1-hour long and start at 9AM each day.  We look forward to you joining us as we help you explore ways to Shape Your World.


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