GoEngineer Welcomes Students to Corporate Headquarters

by Jessica Skorut

GoEngineer welcomed a group of high school students from the Canyon School District in Utah to visit their corporate headquarters. Students were given an insider’s look at how innovative design and state-of-the-art 3D printing is changing the world of manufacturing.

A fun video re-cap of the day’s activities

The owner and president of GoEngineer, Ken Coburn, met with the students to welcome them and start the morning’s discussion. He relayed a passionate message that, “As future visionaries, you have the ability to Shape Your World ™.” Furthermore, he added that the new technology available will be the tools the youth of today use to create companies and products that don’t currently exist .


Students got an introduction to GoEngineer’s partnership with design and manufacturing industries in delivering CAD and 3D printing services and support. Matt Morgan, Sr. Applications Engineer walked them through part design and simulated stress testing in SOLIDWORKS.

Tyler Reid, Mfg Application Manager shared his passion for endless possibilities in manufacturing with 3D printing especially related to shape complexity and elaborate detail.


While touring our 3D printer lab, student’s got an insider’s look at a variety of printers in action, enabling them to understand the different printing technologies. Several took turns using the ‘solution bath’ which washes the support material off of a printed part. “Thanks for helping me with my work, guys!” said Josh Zuniga, Stratasys Technical Manager at GoEngineer.

GoEngineer hopes the visit helped to spark interest in the engineering disciplines and convey that the design and manufacturing industries are exciting and innovative. We are always on the lookout for future engineers!

Some quotes from the day:

“What an impressive company.  I am so excited to see where technology is taking us and appreciate that GoEngineer would show our students where their education can take them. A Huge Thank You to GoEngineer!” – Helen Brown from Work-Based Learning at Canyons School District

“It was cool that they took the time to talk to the students, that they cared so much for education.  Everyone was great and we appreciated that GoEngineer’s CEO would talk with us too!  It helped to see we were on the right track in preparing our students with what we are teaching.” – Ron Strohm, Engineering and Robotics Teacher

“It was awesome!  I was impressed by how organized this event was!  GoEngineer really prepared for our students.” – Holly Richards, Assistant Work-Based Learning Specialist

Students were surveyed at the end of the day; over 80% said they want to go into the engineering field “when they grow up.” Looks like we sparked some genuine interest.























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