GoEngineer Kids’ Camp Debuts in Seattle, Washington

by Jessica Skorut

Shout out to our ‪Campers in Algona, Washington with a special add-in thanks to Cimtech INC for giving us a front-and-center tour of their CNC Mill in action.‬‬ The kids got to learn about 3D scanning , reverse engineering, 3D CAD, 3D printing, CNC machining, and thermoforming.‬

Instructor for the class, Drew Davis, Application Engineer at GoEngineer, started off with having the students model in clay in order to start the mental process of design. To help the kids think spatially, he displayed a 3D model on the screen while they shaped their clay.

Tom Goulet, Business Development Manager at GoEngineer, demonstrated 3D scanning, which creates point clouds of data from the surface of an object. The technology is able to digitally capture a physical object’s exact size and shape. That digital file can then be modified on a computer for a variety of product development purposes.

Will Slota, Cimtech’s VP of Engineering, demonstrated how a 3D scan of a person’s face is milled out of foam. Custom burn-recovery masks are sometimes created in the hospital for extreme burn victims. The mask enables quicker healing with far less scaring—amazing!


GoEngineer’s Kids Camps provide a unique opportunity for kids from 12 to 18 to learn more about tools they can use to shape their world. When we started Kids’ Camp 4 years ago, 3D printing was SO new to everyone, kids included. But now we have kids saying “My dad has a 3D printer at his work!” We didn’t hear those comments before, even 2 years ago.

All the kids got to pick out a 3D printed toy race car used to compete on a 3D printed race track. Competition was fierce and fun was had by all.


Sean Morden, Engineer at Seattle Aircraft Manufacturer, told this story about his son Zion after attending Kids’ Camp: “So when I got home last night I was welcomed by a very excited Zion telling me about the entire event. He would come running inside from playing with his friends to tell me another thing he thought of. He had story after story that continued all the way until we were doing our bedtime devotions. To simply state it … you … had a massive positive influence on him.”

Thanks to all who attended and made this a great day in Alonga!

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