3D Printed Skateboard on Display at GoEngineer

by Tony Riggs

An actual, load-bearing skateboard was 3D printed at GoEngineer’s Houston, Texas office.

The CAD file was downloaded from GrabCAD.com.

Figure 1: Fully Assembled Model in SOLIDWORKS

Figure 1: Fully Assembled Model in SOLIDWORKS

To make sure it was truly load-bearing, Tony Riggs, Application Engineer at GoEngineer, and his 3 boys (11 years old and under) all got on the skateboard at once—this was the Bob test gone wild! “We printed the board with a solid interior for the most strength,” says Tony.

Shannon Morgan, GoEngineer 3D Printing Solutions, also got in on the action, pushing the board to its limits. Even the Campers from GoEngineer’s Kids’ Camp tested out the board’s durability.

The 3D printed skateboard was made with ABS-M30 and printed on a Stratasys Fortus 900 machine. It was first sanded and then painted with an automotive grade Dupont paint. The wheels and trucks were purchased components. “We rode around on the first board before we got it painted, but now it is too pretty to ride on,” laughs Tony.

When you stop by the Houston office, ask to see the 3D printed skateboard. But if you want a ride…ask to see the unpainted one!

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