Quick Fix for SOLIDWORKS Install Error

by Nic Rady

On July 15th 2015, Microsoft released a new Windows Update that has caused a single dll to not be properly installed during the SOLIDWORKS installation.

Without this dll, you may experience problems with the add-ins not showing up, macros causing SOLIDWORKS to crash, or an error message to pop-up when opening files in SOLIDWORKS.

Recently, during an installation, SOLIDWORKS posted a message explaining the problem with solutions on how to make sure that the installation will succeed.

We at GoEngineer want to make it as easy on our customers as possible. So while the SOLIDWORKS developers are diligently working with Microsoft to fix the installation hiccup, we have created a file that you can download to make your installation a smoother process.

Within just a few minutes, the install issues should be gone.

Please contact our Technical Support Team if you have any further concerns or issues.

24 thoughts on “Quick Fix for SOLIDWORKS Install Error

  1. AvatarDiarmuid Kelleher

    Wow! Just wow! Couldn’t believe my eyes when it worked!!
    Just built my own PC and this little hiccup was putting a damper on things!
    You are a lifesaver!!

  2. AvatarMohammadreza

    unbelievable, you r awesome
    you cannot believe that how long i was working on toolbox,
    you saved most of my projects that i worked before


  3. AvatarJim Frye

    I used your files to install my solidworks 2013 onto my new windows 10 laptop. It worked perfectly. I have a couple followup questions.

    1) Before running I told windows to run this in windows 7 compatibility mode. Was that right?

    2) I have some updates to receive. I assume they will come from solidworks background downloader. Do I need to do anything special for them to be applied? My first time installing since I bought it new in 2013.


  4. Avatarikram

    1st question- is it necessary to run the file as “run as administrator”,
    if yes then i am not getting option for it,,,,
    when i right click to file it shows all other options but not run as administrator..
    plz help

  5. AvatarPrathamesh

    I did exactly what you said but still had problem while installing.
    If required I will send you the logs which was saved.
    Hope to hear from you soon

  6. AvatarNicolas balandier

    Thank you so much! After installing Solidworks 2014 on Windows 10, I had not additionnal module. Now they are back!


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