Top Product Webinars of 2015 – Viewer’s Choice!

by Sandy Ortez

InnovationIn 2015, GoEngineer hosted nearly 60 product webinars with a diverse line up; 3D printing, Injection Molding, SOLIDWORKS Simulation,  Electrical, Plastics, Industrial Designer and so much more.

Each webinar is crafted by a GoEngineer product specialist with you, the end user in mind, and delivered with live Q&A by the presenter.

Here is a look back at what the viewer’s liked best in 2015:

SOLIDWORKS 3D Printing Other
Flow Simulation – Contaminant Detection  Past, Present, & Future  Where Altium Ends and SOLIDWORKS Electrical Begins
Analysis of Welded Structures Various Mold Applications The CAMWorks/SOLIDWORKS Connection 
Composer – Learn the Basics 3D Printing in Medical Industry CAMWorks: Post-Processing






To view more webinars at your convenience, check out the GoEngineer YouTube channel. If you wish to register for an upcoming 2016 webinar, check out our events calendar. Happy learning in 2016!

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