SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2016 Day 2: Rockets, Beer, and Lingerie

by Amee Meghani

The annual SOLIDWORKS World CSWE party event closed-out  Day 1 of SWW16. If you aren’t aware, it’s a HUGE celebration honoring some of the most ambitious technical achievers who pass the CSWE (Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert), a grueling sequence of exams.  What better way to celebrate our nerd status than with some generous booze and loud music to annoy everyone else at the conference.


Needless to say, Day 2 begins with a hangover bang.  First up on stage is Suchit Jain to talk about some of the biggest achievements this year.  He introduces SWUGN (SOLIDWORKS User Group Network) pioneer, Richard Doyle, a SOLIDWORKS celeb, to the stage to present the SWUGN awards for the year.

Next to celebrate were the advancements in Education.  Tethys Engineering explained how to connect students and budding engineers to  the industry in a carefully prescribed and supervised development plan, from which companies can hire and develop talent that suits their needs at an early age.  Furthermore, Chin-Loo Lama shared the developments that SOLIDWORKS is making for yet an even younger demographic, called SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, and it already looks user-friendly, whimsical, and interactive.


The star of today’s show for me was the next person on stage, Yahoo! Tech’s David Pogue.  He brought life and levity to the stage with his upbeat energy, so I hope you take a few minutes to catch some video clips.

Pogue first interviewed Devin Jacobson and Shuichi Ohno from Space Elevator, taking on their research and product development journey.  These innovators are at the forefront of space innovation and using SOLIDWORKS to execute their ideations.  It was a reminder to me why we are all here – collaborating, creating, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of how COOL I am.  And then I have to remind myself that didn’t invent a space elevator, but comforted that I know someone who did.  I will accept two degrees of separation of coolness.


SOLIDWORKS, Beer and Lingerie

Next up was Sam Khamis from BrewBot.  If the last speaker didn’t bring something tangible enough to the table, then Sam surely did.  This invention is basically a robot that brews beer but takes it up a notch.  The technology allows breweries and beer enthusiasts to share their coveted recipe or blend with the robot so that BrewBot owners can enjoy it at home or at local establishments.  Moreover, the ingredients are delivered to the owner.  So, kind of like the “Blue Apron” of beer?  Yeah…I think they’re going to make a gazillion dollars.


Now, if BrewBot wasn’t enough to wake you up, then watching a bunch of dudes wear over-sized bras and stuffing them with melons (literally) this perked everyone up.  This was an excellent introduction to our next entrepreneurs, two ladies, Laura West and Sophia Berman at Trusst Lingerie.  They mentioned how statistically, women’s breast sizes have significantly increased, and that the average bra size has increased 3 sizes.  Meanwhile, bra technology and innovation haven’t budged – until now.  These women are rethinking the product and applying SOLIDWORKS for an improved solution to a problem plaguing women all over the world. They also mentioned gender challenges they are facing in advancing this movement, but as Pogue suggests, they are the “Steve Jobs of Underwear”.  Pogue is also the first person at SWW to confidently shout the word “boob” on stage:  “Today is about Rockets, Beer, and Boob…all things about lift!!!”

Thanks for letting me keep you abreast of the happenings at SWW Day 2. 

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