Create Custom 3D Printed Fan Gear!

by GoEngineer

Create and 3D Print Custom Fan Gear!

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, a 3D print enthusiast, and I drive a lifted 06’ Chevy LBZ 2500hd Duramax Diesel. Believe it or not, those three things come together very nicely.

Super Bowl 50 is over, which means there’s probably a lot of happy Broncos fans out there looking for a way to show support for their team. You could buy an off the shelf cap, t-shirt, or beer koozie, but if you want to step it up a notch, create something custom!

Custom 3D Printed Dallas Cowboys Tow Hitch

Realizing that I might have created this Dallas Cowboys tow hitch in vain with how the season went, I’m a die hard fan, so one bumpy road doesn’t bother me. Maybe next year!

So, for all the things I am, I am not an expert SOLIDWORKS user…I am what you’d call a novice user. NO problem! Lucky for me, anyone can create custom products at any level. The technology available today literally helps you along the way.

I tested my novice skills with SOLIDWORKS by designing a polygon and then created a star inside of it. Next, I trimmed the excess to make a final star.

Custom Hitch

After the star was extruded, I made an offset to make the inside deep for another color.

Custom Hitch1

I highlighted the inside star to cut so the white color could be added in the 3D printer.

Custom Hitch2

Custome Hitch3

Text was added and bossed out to about ¼ inch.

Custom Hitch4

Another square was made on the back to fit onto my truck’s hitch.

Finally, to finish my design, I brought it over to the Fortus 250mc printer and processed it using Insight software. I used white for the first half (the background), blue for the inside and outside and red for the front text.

Custom Hitch5

Custom Hitch6

The entire print job took about 18 hrs.  After the job was complete, the part was ready for my truck. This custom tow hitch is the coolest thing ever!!! I’ve received many compliments on it from my local Dallas Cowboys fans. For the ones that were also 3D Printing enthusiasts, we could’ve talked all day! I guess it’s fun to see how easy it is to create custom products. Not only made in America, made in Texas, but made in my office at GoEngineer!  A few questions asked were:

How it was made?
Who is GoEngineer?
How does GoEngineer help companies design products?

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Perhaps it was too cool?

Apparently, my novice design skills are better than I thought! I had this print on my truck for about 2 weeks before it was stolen. Luckily, I still had the file so I made a few design iterations to the first version, in order to say that I still have a one-of-a-kind 3D printed Dallas Cowboys truck hitch.

If this continues, I might be an expert SOLIDWORKS user come Super Bowl LI. Challenge accepted thieves! Now, let’s hope my team holds up their end of the deal by making the cut.

Challenge yourself to design your very own custom hitch cover. If you do, we can help Print Your Part at a GoEngineer office near you!

Cutom Hitch7

Custom Hitch7


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