Stratasys J750: Unprecedented Plastic 3D Printing

by Tyler Reid

Stratasys J750 Printer

The new Stratasys J750 truly is a breakthrough in 3D printing technology. It represents a leap forward on all fronts – realism, versatility, capability, realism, and efficiency.

And my excitement over this machine can’t be overstated.

Here’s the deal: it prints in full color and multiple materials, loaded from 6 material bays, through a new printhead design, in the finest resolution of any PolyJet machine.

With the capability to print over 360,000 unique colors, we finally have the capability of printing realistic and consistent prototypes and concept designs. Fades, shades, gradients, patterns, illustrations – we can do it all! Artists, marketers, and industrial designers have anxiously been waiting for 3D printing technology to catch up to their needs, and with the J750 I believe we’re finally there.

With 6 material bays we can virtually eliminate material swaps and purges from our workflow. For service bureaus and prototype houses this means you can finally print a full tray of individual parts, each with varying color textures, flexibility, and transparencies. All in a single run!

Eliminating material changeovers improves efficiency, but the J750 doesn’t stop there. With a new printhead design the time to create parts out of Digital Materials has been reduced two-fold. So that DigitalABS injection mold insert you printed last week in 4 hours is going to take half that time or less on the J750.

Need extra smooth surface finish or fine details? In High Quality mode, J750 is prints in layers as fine as 14 microns.

According to Stratasys, many organizations and businesses will benefit from the J750 including:

  • Consumer product companies
  • Service bureaus
  • Design firms
  • K-12 education
  • Universities and research institutions
  • Medical device companies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical schools
  • Special effects and animation companies

The release of the J750 has honestly changed my worldview of plastic 3D printing. But you don’t have to take my word for it – contact to start the process of ordering your own benchmark part.

And for more information, visit the GoEngineer J750 page.

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